Womp Rats News for Saturday April 4, 1999

Womp Rats team members James Ozenne, Pete Cruz and Rob Lee gathered at Greg Saliba's pad late Saturday afternoon to watch the NCAA Hockey Championships.  Entertained by the intense hockey action between rivals New Hampshire and Maine, Womp Rats in attendance consumed large quantities of pizza, chips and brews as the high paced game continued on into the evening.  But the amazing Maine overtime victory combined with the large amounts of Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde Ale consumed by Captain James Ozenne was more than enough to send him off into a much needed sleep despite the fact that it was only 8:45pm in the evening!  Forget the smelling salts, the only thing teammates were able to muster together to wake Ozenne was a video-tape replay of Rob Lee taking out one of the 3 girls from team Tsunami from the prior week's game at MISC!  Ozenne instantly awoke to join in the laughter recalling last week's Kodak moment.