Directions to the MISC roller hockey facility:

Take the 405 to the 90 West.  (90 is the Marina Freeway.  It itersects the 405 just south of the 10, a few miles north of the airport.)

90 West to the end of the freeway.

Continue west on 90 to Mindanao, a signal.

Turn right at Mindanao, then an immediate right into the business center parking lot on the northeast corner of the 90-Mindanao intersection.  You will see the MISC facility at the southwest corner of the same intersection.

The business center parking lot is available for MISC players and spectators on the weekend, when the MISC parking lot tends to be very full.  It is also permissible to turn left at Mindanao and then turn right into the MISC parking lot on the southwest corner of the intersection.