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Photos from Game 2 (Set B) vs. Tsunami - March 28, 1999
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032899_brianspeed_sm.JPG (4533 bytes)
Bryan on a breakaway!

032899_gregfaceoff_sm.JPG (6801 bytes)
Greg awaiting the puck drop

032899_jamiecamp_sm.JPG (6465 bytes)
James looking dominate in the slot

032899_kaiwave_sm.JPG (6488 bytes)
Kai taking a moment to show us his lighter side
032899_petedig_sm.JPG (5206 bytes)
Pete Cruzin w/ the puck
032899_robhit_sm.JPG (5879 bytes)
Aftermath of the big Rob Lee hit (on a chick)

032899_robhit3_sm.JPG (6567 bytes)
Tsunami player trying to find her legs after the Rob Lee hit


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