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Photos from Game 2 vs. Tsunami - March 28, 1999
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sm032899_brian1.jpg (5687 bytes)
Bryan celebrating a goal

sm032899_brian2.jpg (5735 bytes)
Bryan scoring on a backhand spin-around

sm032899_chris1.jpg (5704 bytes)
Chris during warm-ups

sm032899_faceplant.jpg (6317 bytes)
A Tsunami player doing a face-plant
sm032899_frank1.jpg (6129 bytes)
Frank getting denied
sm032899_frank2.jpg (6258 bytes)
Frank on the forecheck
sm032899_greg1.jpg (6178 bytes)
Greg going to the backhand shot
sm032899_greg2.jpg (5986 bytes)
Greg looking for the streaking Ro
sm032899_greg3.jpg (5773 bytes)
Greg shooting under heavy stick check
sm032899_jamie1.jpg (6056 bytes)
A pass just out of reach for James
sm032899_kai1.jpg (5964 bytes)
Kai bringing the puck up
sm032899_ro1.jpg (6658 bytes)
Ro tired from warm-ups
sm032899_ro2.jpg (7221 bytes)
Ro looking for the pass

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