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Photos from Game 1 vs. Motley Crew - March 21, 1999
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sm032199_brian.jpg (3516 bytes)
Bryan skating in for a shot

sm032199_frankfaceoff.jpg (3967 bytes)
Frank taking a faceoff

032899_greg_sm.JPG (6604 bytes)
Greg cutting off the boards

sm032199_kaioffice.jpg (3489 bytes)
Kai looking for an assist
sm032199_pete.jpg (3029 bytes)
Pete kicking in the afterburners

032899_frankworksm.JPG (6968 bytes)
Frank digging for the puck

sm032199_robdenied.jpg (3245 bytes)
Rob getting stoned
sm032199_robsh1.jpg (2575 bytes)
Rob faking out the defense
sm032199_robsh2.jpg (2354 bytes)
Rob completes the deke
032899_victim_sm.JPG (6088 bytes)
A Motley Crew player has trouble skating

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