Womp Rats Roller Hockey Club


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Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Position: Defense
Shoots: Right
Hockey Experience: 3 yrs.
DOB: 1/5/70
Home: Gardena
Occupation: Engineer
Favorite Team: L.A. Kings
Favorite Player: Rob Blake

Rob first tried roller blading because he wanted to help his beloved dog "G-Lee" lose some weight. So he picked up a pair of Lightnings and ran with the Dog every night. It soon became apparent that the dog was NEVER going to lose that weight. So roller hockey became the next logical step since the money was already spent. Rob held the only hockey party after the first season in which he played. That party left irreparable damages to the house that is still the talk of the town today.

Nevertheless, Rob is thinking "Hockey Party II".



Last Updated: 10/05/02