Womp Rats Roller Hockey Club


Pete Cruz

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Height: 5'8"
Weight: 174 lbs. (all muscle)
Position: Defense
Shoots: Right
Hockey Experience: 4 yrs.
DOB: 7/11/70
Home: Turtle Island
Occupation: Warrior Poet/Artist
Favorite Team: L.A. Kings and whoever is playing the ducks !!
Favorite Hockey Name: Miroslav Satan
Boxers or Briefs: Boxers
Favorite Beer: Pete's Wicked Ale
Favorite Star Wars Character: Boba Fett
Favorite Movie Quote: "Heineken!! Fuck that shit!!!  PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!" (Dennis Hopper - Blue Velvet)


A descendant of the famed Apache warriors of the American Southwest, Pete is a naturally skilled and aggressive player whose skating abilities make him an ideal defenseman.  Armed with an uncanny ability to see the ice and read plays as they develop, he is just as effective at taking on the most skilled player one on one as he is at breaking up odd numbered attacks.  Pete is a goalie’s best friend, even sacrificing his own body by laying out to stop even the hardest slapshots.  Traditionally known as a defensive defenseman, Pete has since worked hard on his pete2-a.jpg (55238 bytes)offensive game, and thus has developed into a solid two way player with an incredibly on target wrist shot as well as being an accurate passer.  In spite of all this skill, Pete is a no-nonsense player who is known for his physical play, and is more than likely to lead the team (if not the league) in penalty minutes.  Rugged and dependable, Pete has only missed one game (knee injury) in his entire career.  A natural leader with a charismatic personality and great organizational skills, Pete has been a captain on every hockey team he has been on. Known as the league’s fastest defenseman, he has often left challengers in his dust, to wallow in their own shame and foolishness for having the balls to question his speediness.


A gifted and prolific artist and writer, Pete attends the prestigious Otis College of Art and Design, a private art school in Los Angeles.  Often described as an “idea machine“, Pete is constantly working on one project or another.  His hard work and talent payed off this past February as the Los Angeles Kings selected one of his animations to help celebrate Luc Robitaille’s milestone 500th goal.  In addition to his art and school work, Pete enjoys music, plays guitar and sings, as well as teaching guitar and basic music theory.  Lists the progressive rock trio Rush as his all time favorite band, his parents as his biggest heroes, and idolizes Kurt Rambis, Bruce Lee, Jimi Hendrix and Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce.  Also enjoys weightlifting and keeping physically and mentally fit, as well as the outdoors and travel.   Considers Yosemite National Park his favorite place, and spends his summers camping on the La Jolla Indian Reservation with his family.  Considers sleep to be his favorite pastime. Pete also possesses a wealth of useless knowledge, and is known for his ability to identify even the most obscure movie quotes.


Last Updated: 10/05/02