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Height:  5'9"
Weight:  155 lbs.
Position: Defense
Shoots:  Right
DOB:  11/03/70
Hockey Experience:  3 yrs.
Home: Manhattan Beach
Occupation: Software Engineer
Favorite Team: Detroit Redwings
Favorite Player: Steve Yzerman
Coke or Pepsi
: Root beer
Dressing Order: Shirt, pants, socks
Kai is still pretty much a newcomer to the game of roller hockey.  Despite having picked up the game 3 years ago, his actual game experience and hockey playing time in general are quite limited.  He started out his rookie season with The Punishers at TSA and continued with most of the team on to the Red Army Team.  However, he was only able to play a couple of games that season due to a conflict with his volleyball league.  After that, he didn't really play roller hockey until now with the Womp Rats.

Fortunately, his amazing athletic ability allowed him to pick up the game and improve quite rapidly.   This was clearly displayed in his rookie season as he was voted by the team for the most improved player award.  His skills are still continuing to improve, but that is not what makes him such a valuable player.  It is his competitiveness, hustle, and knowledge of the game that enables him to compete with players that have had many more years of experience.  He utilitizes the discipline he has gained and the strategies he has learned in other sports, such as basketball, to help him see the "big picture" and be a better player in the game of hockey.

"I know my puck-handling is weak and my shots are inaccurate so I tend to concentrate more on defense and let the scorers of the team do the scoring."  With an unselfish attitude like that, it is simple to see how he can be such a great asset to the team.  His neverending quest to become a better hockey player through hours of practice alone or with the team, and studying the game off the rink will surely make him a hot commodity in the roller hockey world within the next few years.

For more personal, non-hockey related information on Kai, visit his web site at http://www.flash.net/~kaipow.



Last Updated: 10/05/02