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Height: 6'0"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Position: Defense
Shoots: Left
DOB: 07/31/70
Hockey Experience: 6 yrs.
Home: Los Angeles
Occupation: Economist
Hobbies: Guitar, computers, spin-o-rama.
One of the league's premier defensemen, James Ozenne provides veteran experience and a persistent, suffocating defensive presence.  Good defensive jamie1-a.jpg (6156 bytes)positioning and the strength to check big forwards off the puck make James very tough to beat.  A good two-way player, James is coming off a season in which he finished second in the league in assists, a remarkable feat for a defenseman.  Despite his punishing physical style of play, James rarely hurts his team with penalties and has not seen the inside of a penalty box in his last 5 seasons -- over 60 consecutive games.   James doesn't take many shots, preferring to move the puck deep to his forwards, but given the opportunity he can launch an accurate slap shot or trick the goalie with a quick wrist shot.  His no-nonsense playing style makes him popular with teammates, while his spectacular spin-o-rama moves make James a crowd favorite.

When not playing hockey, James enjoys working with computers and entertaining himself with music.  James sings and plays guitar, oboe, drums, and keyboards.  James is an expert yo-yo artist, can curl his tongue or turn it upside-down or touch the tip of his nose with it, can palm a basketball and can blow saliva bubbles.  Not to mention he got a 770 on his GMAT.  Props to James.  He rules.



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