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Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Position: Forward
Hockey Experience: 10 yrs.
Shoots: Right
DOB: 05/30/72
Home: Redondo Beach
Occupation: Sr. Engineer
Favorite Team: LA Kings
Favorite Player: Theo Fleury
Favorite Beer: Pete's Wicked Ale
Favorite Band: Atomic Punks
Hobbies: Burning big defensemen
One of the league’s most explosive and exciting forwards, Greg Saliba proves that hockey isn’t just a big man’s game. greg1-a.jpg (6924 bytes)Possessing great speed and quickness, Greg often seems to be dancing over the rink surface. He is always on the move, which is as much a tactic as an instinct for survival -- you can't hit what you can't catch. Greg uses his speed to his advantage and has an uncanny ability to stop on a dime and change directions leaving the opposing defensemen bewildered, disoriented and often embarrassed. His ability to release an unexpected accurate wrist shot has kept Greg atop both his team’s and the league’s scoring list.

While on the power-play, his powerful, quick-release slap shot and strong playmaking abilities make him a great quarterback and lethal threat from the point. Greg is an effective penalty killer, getting the puck out along the boards creating a quick turnover which most likely results in a shorthanded goal. He always has his legs churning and uses all of the rink’s surface providing his team w/ great end-to-end play. Amazingly for his size, Greg is very strong in the corners deflecting hits from bigger defensemen while drawing penalties and keeping the puck to himself with mind-blowing footwork. His "sixth-sense" for finding open teammates and putting an accurate pass on the tape is the reason why Greg has led his team in assists for the past 3 seasons.  Greg attributes a lot of his passing success to playing with very talented linemates.  "It's not that difficult when you're paired w/ a awesome player like Frank Forray.", states Greg.  "When he's on the ice it's like magic!  You've just gotta pass the puck in his general direction and the next thing you know he's already put it top shelf!  Wammo ... thanks for easy point Frank!".  Playing on the "Spin-O-Rama" line with long time linemate James Ozenne, Greg hopes to capture the team’s title of "Spin-O-Rama King".

Away from the hockey rink Greg enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, family and friends at his new home. A local at Borrelli’s, you can find him there on the weekends enjoying dinner with friends and afterwards, going crazy at an Atomic Punks gig. Whether it’s playing the guitar, beating his buddy Dennis in billiards, sending Chris on a "bus-trip" while playing ping-pong or blowing by James Ozenne with a puck deke through his legs at hockey practice, Greg enjoys life to the fullest and looks forward to the arrival of each new day.



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