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We finish out 2007 with some snow and a great snowless trip to Southern California. 1/26/08

Halloween 2007
Has it really been two months since the last photos? We've been busy having lots of fun, and Luke turns one! 11/8/07

Late Summer
More summer fun and a trip to California, both Northern and Southern. 9/15/07

Baby Don't Do That!
Luke gets into all sorts of trouble. 9/15/07

Luke's Mouth
Luke likes to carry things around in his mouth. 9/15/07

Cruising into Summer
Luke learns to cruise around the house, the weather turns hot Hot HOT, and fireworks on the Fourth! 7/14/07

Flying with Kids
Stephanie and the boys fly to California for a great wedding. Lots of family fun on our trip, and Luke turns 7 months old. 5/12/07

Growing Like a Weed
Luke is growing fast and the weather finally turns nice! 3/26/07

Happy Birthday Emmett!
Fun in the snow, David has surgery, and Emmett turns four! 2/13/07