Words and Music by James Ozenne, October 1995

Recorded and Produced by James Ozenne, June 1998

Song and Recording Notes:


I was very fortunate on this recording. Everything turned out better than expected, from the backup vocals to the guitar parts. I seemed to happen upon  a good formula. The elements in the recording come from diverse sources as follows:


In 1998 I played this song at Wednesdays House in Santa Monica on open mic night. There was a conga player there who had offered her services to anyone who was interested, but no one had taken advantage, and the woman stood by with her congas at the ready, rejected by each successive performer. When it came my turn to play, I thought someone should give her a chance to play at some point, and it might as well be me. So I asked her to play along with me on Wrong.  The performance went really well and the woman was a very good conga player, and had very little difficulty improvising along with me. The crowd seemed to like it, and that was what got the latin drum sound in my head. Listen throughout the recording for the percussion sounds.


Then of course the signature guitar solo that first appears at the beginning of the song is inspired by OMC’s “How Bizarre” which was popular at the time. I took the syncopated guitar thirds at the end of the riff.


I played this song for Pete Cruz who helped me create a demo of it in 1996.  He improvised to it and settled on a riff with a G-natural against the F-sharp minor tonic triad, yielding a "phrygian" sound, and I thought it sounded great, so I used the same riff when I did this recording.


Finally, the backup voices build from the verse up to a climax end of the chorus, at which point one voice is oscillating between two tones. I got that idea straight from Sarah McLaughlin’s “Surrender” which has a similar idea in the chorus.


Instrumentation consists of synth percussion, synth bass, several layers of rhythm and lead acoustic guitar, two tracks of backup vocal, and lead vocal.




I'll call you tonight, but you'll never know me

My wanting needs me to look inside

I'm pounding, thinking that you've got the key

And I'll crawl down, and I'll tell a lie


But say you'll meet me here again

It funks me and makes me high

I'm floating on a stupid wind

And you can't go back but I can never leave

'Cause I'm wrong


I'm a loser and I'm going home

And once again I find myself turned around, headed back

I'm reckless, thinking that you've got to know

And it's down to me and I can't react


But say you'll meet me here again

You could find me if you tried

'Cause I'm floating on a shallow wind

And though I'm going down I'm coming from a high

'Cause I'm wrong


I'm waiting for you

And I'm sorry, I'm sorry

Gonna keep on pushing through

And I can't feel your heart


And I'm all gone

I'm finding it hard to breathe

I know you'll let me go

And I'll be free, be free

'Cause I'm wrong

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