the world


Words and Music by James Ozenne, October 1995

Recorded and Produced by James Ozenne, April 1998



Song and Recording Notes: 


I wrote "The World" concurrently with "Wrong" in 1995.  It is actually my habit to work on more than one song at a time, at least with respect to the lyrics.  I find it easier to switch back and forth than to stick on one until it is done.  I think the lyrics are about something like exploring or discovering friendships.  (?)  As usual, most of my lyric writing was done in the car while driving to work.


When it came time to record this song, it caused me plenty of problems.  I could not decide on an instrumental arrangement I liked.  I eventually decided to feature the solo guitar that plays little riffs in response to the vocal.  With my limited guitar skills, it took days to learn all the little riffs, but in my defense, the solo at the intermission was performed with a minimum of punch-ins. :)


Musically, the main feature, other than the interplay between vocal and lead guitar, is this rhythmic shift back and forth from full speed to the half-time idea that appears at the chorus.  Be sure to listen for the "space-alien choir" that appears in the chorus also.  I wanted to have backing vocals, but wasn't sure what they should say, and ended up using nonsense syllables -- just as well, considering that they're mixed very low.  They're actually saying something like "Ah-Na-Ru-Ne-Ma," and for some reason this makes me think they're space aliens.


Womp Rats Hockey fans may recognize the song from the team's season-in-review video produced by Pete Cruz.  Pete spliced out the vocals and used the instrumental part as background music for the pre-season segment of his video.


Instruments on this recording consist of synth drums and (very funky) synth bass, electric rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, 3-voice space alien choir, and lead vocal.





I think I'm getting somewhere with you

And I think that you might know

That I'm getting somewhere too

I know that you're out there

And I'm wondering just how to go

And I'm wondering if you and I will ever find our way


I don't know much about the world


My shoulders are cold and I can't feel my toes

But I can keep it going, walking in the snow

I'm out there

I'm keeping on

And you're wondering just where I'm going

Oh, but I can tell you, it gets easier not to know


I don't know much about the world


Oh, please help me put the pieces together

I've been talking but I've never said it so you could understand

I've been thinking about it

And I still don't know

Feels like I'm falling and you're going to let me go

Oh, but I could change it; you could come and change me


I don't know much about the world


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