somehow you


Words and Music by James Ozenne,  March 1993

Recorded and Produced by James Ozenne, December 1997


Song and Recording Notes:

I got the idea for this song while talking on the phone with Tim Griffith.  I had just picked up a the Quadraverb Plus and was having all kinds of fun with the signal processing, which is the major feature of this recording.  Plenty of reverb, and a Quadraverb function called "resonators" -- an F# and a high C# ring sympathetically with the acoustic guitar throughout the song, which is what gives the haunting sound (or annoying sound, depending on your perspective).  I recorded the instruments  on the multi-track and listened to it about 1000 times.

At that same time, Tim was really into My Bloody Valentine and from that I got the idea that it was OK to make song lyrics that were completely unintelligible.   Now, for the first time, I present to you the lyrics, never before seen by human eyes.  I don't know, but suspect, that if you didn't have the lyrics in front of you, it would be hard to make them out, but once you see them written, they will sound very clear.

In early 1997, I began experimenting with the digital audio recording on my computer, and was pretty happy with my rendition of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division.  That excited me enough to try an acoustic version of Prince's When U Were Mine (because it was coworker Finis Cole's favorite Prince tune).  Soon I was getting excited about doing a collection of my own music, and Somehow You was my first attempt.  I chose it mainly because I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound -- I wanted to replicate my 1993 multi-track recording and I knew what instruments to use to do that, etc.

My favorite part of this sound recording, other than the "resonators" of course, is the backing vocal that is sometimes clear, sometimes barely audible.  The recording contains synth drums, electric bass, two acoustic rhythm guitars (one of which is heavily processed and mostly sounds like a "wash" of chords), lead guitar, backing vocal, and lead vocal.



I and you

If somehow you knew

I couldn't be happy with you

Couldn't be happy with you

And you don't really know

Say you'll follow me and then I'll go

How can I know?


Longer the day

Longer still as you say

Hoping to find

Wasting your time . . .

Nothing inside

Where are all the outsides?

And the longer I stay

Where was today?


Somehow you

No one else to be there

Nothing else to do

And you wanted me to . . .


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