a mirror


Words by James Ozenne, Music by James Ozenne and Tim Griffith, November 1992

Recorded and Produced by James Ozenne, May 1998


Song and Recording Notes:


For this song, I think the lyrics and music were written pretty much separately.  I came up with the lyrics while on the bus home from work in downtown L.A.  They are about a special friend in college, and perhaps about the state of mind that her thoughts  put me into.


Tim Griffith and I wrote the music together in late 1992.  The chords and all of the guitar ideas are his,  including the rhythm riffs and introspective break sections.  We recorded the song originally on the multi-track with Tim on guitar and me playing real oboe.  That recording appears on the "Normal Man" tape of 1992, now a collector's item.  :)


I wanted to record this song on my own, but wanted of course to preserve Tim's contribution to the song.  Therefore, I had to begin by perfecting my Griffith-style rhythm guitar technique.  I studied his old tapes, and practiced his unique style of mixing arpeggiation with the little power riffs.  I did have to punch in a few times to get the recording just right, but I think the result is faithful to the Griffith style.


Other things I like about this recording are the organ riff and of course the oboe.  I do know how to play oboe, and yes, I did record real oboe on our 1992 recording, but I had some problems on this one and ended up using synth oboe.  Besides the fact that I was completely out of practice at making oboe reeds, I also was unable to satisfactorily mic the acoustic oboe.  The synth oboe sounded quite a bit better.  I also added a bassoon in counterpoint to the oboe -- listen carefully for it whenever the oboe is playing and often when the vocal is silent.  Instrumentation consists of synth drums and bass, T.Griffith-style rhythm guitar, synth organ, synth oboe, synth bassoon, a very sparse backing vocal track, and lead vocal.






Miles of reflection

Can it be that I'm the only one? Only one

At once, to touch to see another mind, another mind

A sister soul

And in your words I hear my thoughts

I hear my thoughts

And in your pain my fears, my . . .


Oh, at once to touch, to see another mind, another mind

And in your pain, in your pain

To see you crying at the end of the road, push it back

Miles of reflection

Maybe you were born in the night, and I in the day, and I in the day


And in your eyes, I see an image, an image of my eyes

Can it be that you're the only one?  The only one

Can it be?

Maybe you were born in the night, and I in the day


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