i want to tell you


Words and Music by James Ozenne, April 1998

Recorded and Produced by James Ozenne, December 1998


Song and Recording Notes:


I Want To Tell You is both the last song written, and the last song recorded in this collection.  I had my little acoustic guitar riffs, and the words came to me sort of gradually, probably in around April 1998.  I suppose the words are about the barriers between people.


This song, (along with Wrong) I took "on the road" and performed at the open mic at Wednesdays House in Santa Monica toward the middle of 1998.  By that time, I had the song pretty well worked out as far as how I wanted to do the vocals and how I wanted it to fit together.  I gave myself only about two weeks to record the song, though, because I wanted to finish my collection by the end of the year and didn't finish Empty and Inside Nowhere until December.


My idea for the recording was to open all the stops as if I were some large band like Dave Matthews or something.   I guess I didn't quite get there, but that's why the drums and bass have the preposterous sound that they do.  I did put a lot of time into making the synth drums sound like they're actually playing along with the music, so be sure to pay attention to them, as well as the bass.


The opening guitar part is played all on one guitar -- I often beef up acoustic parts by playing them twice and panning the two differently, but in this case I wanted it to sound like a single guitar.  I did mic the guitar and simultaneously used its internal pickup, so that I could spread the two signals and get a beefier sound, but it's all one guitar, one take.  Once again, I used an electric lead guitar that often answers the vocal, often plays along with it.


Everything is pretty easy to hear in this recording.  In the left channel, you'll hear the backup singer, and later a little choir singing along.  More toward right channel is the lead guitar, and if you listen with headphones, you'll notice that some of my best guitar work happens while other things are going on in the song.  The full instrumentation is made up of synth drums and bass, acoustic rhythm guitar, electric lead guitar, one to three backup vocals, and the lead vocal.





You don't look right

No, you've got some trouble

You think that you've done wrong and

You don't understand yourself

Were someone to come and show you that everything's still OK

Would you feel the same about him?


If you're feeling bad about it baby

Would it be so strange to hear it from me

Want to tell you I'm there for you now but

I'm as close as I can be


Looking in your eyes

I'm not sure if you're crying

And I'm not sure what I'm meant to say

And I'm wondering if I've let you down one more time

And if you want to let it go


If you're feeling bad about it baby

I know it's strange to hear it from me

Want to tell you I'm there for you now but

I'm as close as I can be


And if it's alright

I want to tell you

And maybe you can help me understand myself

The last thing I'd want to do is

To leave you the wrong impression

But I know it's wrong to leave you here


If you're feeling bad about it baby

I know it's strange . . .

Want to tell you I'm there, I'm there

But I'm as close as I can be

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