Words and Music by James Ozenne, October 1994

Recorded and Produced by James Ozenne, November 1998


Song and Recording Notes:


The lyrics to this song are meant to be disjointed and frantic, a jilted lover's incoherent outburst.  


I recorded this song on the 4-track when I wrote it in 1994 and was happy with the atmospheric sound I got then, so I didn't want to mess with it too much -- I actually tried to play every note the same when I made the recording for this disc.  The recording process went smoothly.  Out of the nine songs on the disc, Empty by far required the least recording time -- 3 days, probably totaling less than twelve hours of work.  (By contrast, Put Me Down easily consumed over 100 hours of my time.  Probably much more, but I've blocked out the memory of it now.  :))


I added a military-sounding synth snare drum and synth bass part that enters only for the "it was mine" bridge.  Otherwise the vocal is accompanied only by trio of guitars: one acoustic playing the main rhythm, one overdriven lead guitar playing little bends and slides the whole way (toward the left channel), and one other electric guitar that plays harmonics the entire time, giving the recording its distinctive sound (toward the right channel).  Be sure to listen carefully at the end when the final E minor 9th chord is articulated in harmonics.  :)





My heart

Empty from the start

Looking through

Seeing through to you

And I know

Now I know, but then you

And you're a fool

Don't know what to do


And it's a ride

I'm feeling too hard

It's feeling right

We talk into the night

And I felt it

And it was mine, but I

Didn't know

You were keeping time


Oh, and it was mine

It was mine . . .


And I'm down

And I'm feeling something

And I'm wrong

It was all along

I can't fight

And I can't stop the fight

But it's you

And what you say is true

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